Venture building for an animal healthcare company

Case Study Case Study


Our ideal target partnership is working with firms that are industry leaders and are looking to innovate and stretch themselves beyond their core capabilities. We are currently working with a customer that fits these characteristics. A few years ago, this customer launched a digital innovation hub at their headquarters in Europe. One of the ideas that was short-listed from that innovation hub made its way to their US market as an early stage digital minimum viable product (MVP). This customer then assigned some up and coming talent to test the viability of the product and see if there was a market fit.


The client started testing the product with loyal customers and soon realized that they needed a nimble cross-functional team to launch the product and build a viable business. Sabii Digital started working with the customer to validate the market opportunity, assess the competitive landscape and review the product roadmap in the evolving space.
Sabii also worked with the key customer sponsor to engage key leadership within the organization so that they could better understand the opportunity for this digital product and provide guidance and support during the product launch. A governance model was setup for the working team and for senior leadership to accomplish this.
Sabii Digital then built out a Go-to-Market approach to launch, learn and scale the product. This approach included the sales and marketing strategy along with a dedicated Sabii Digital team that would execute this marketing and sales plan. Sabii Digital built the sales and marketing processes and architected a CRM platform to track the analytics report the sales process. Essentially, Sabii Digital has become the extension of the customers’ team as part of their new venture.